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PaperMarker Aug 13, 2016

Printing for Marketing – The Trending Technologies for 2016

Printing has come a long way from the old woodblock printing and cylinder seals to 3D and even latest 4D printing. Printing no longer confined to paper, now the same technology is used to print on clothes, plastics, wood and even edible items such as cakes. While one group of people are preparing and practicing for paperless offices, saying no to printing, another group lives on it. Even in the age of digital marketing, print media marketing definitely has a long way to go, especially with newer technologies such as 3D and 4D printing. Here are some of the trending technologies in printing to look out for in 2016:


QR Codes and Label Printing

QR code and label printing are essential to sustain the current market conditions and competition. Customers do not have the time to search through the hundreds of products in the store’s rack to find the one they saw on TV or in the book. They instead scan the QR code using their smartphone and get it billed. Label printing is also as important as it has to be legible to the customer while taking negligible space. The label quality will also be scrutinized by the customers when considering high-value products. Brands now give away amazing discounts through special QR codes and it has to be printed with precise quality so that customers can reach out to you with the same.


Printing on Cloth, Plastic, Glass and Metal

While these are in existence for many decades now, organizations have an increasing demand for printing on objects that do not perish easily. This makes sure that their brand remains with the customers for ages and the brand identity too grows familiar with the household. It passes through their friends and relatives visiting or close acquaintances too who are also introduced to your brand passively. People tend to use quality products such as containers, caps, towels etc. over some years and hence, many organizations give away printed compliments that last longer.


Postcard Printing

If you think postcards are only nostalgic, think again! It is rare now and values a lot more than before. Sending a postcard to a dear friend will mean a lot to the friend since postcards are rare to find now. Personalized postcards can be a great way to attract more customers and to build brand identity. You can send personalized greeting postcards during the festive seasons to make them feel special.


Brochure Printing

While online marketing techniques are catching up quickly, print media still remains live without any risk. Bills and brochures are still handed over by print and considered seriously even today. It may be true that people spend more time online, but a beautifully printed brochure will always attract the attention of people and they will spend some time admiring the beautiful designs and colours used and also read what’s written on it. Ultimately that’s what businesses want from the printed brochures. Moreover, now since printed brochures are not as common as it used to be earlier, the right design and print quality will intrigue the customers a little more than digital marketing, especially when they are offline.


Personalized Printing

While personalized printing has been in the market for quite a few decades, its persistence itself is the best proof that it still works. People love personalized stuff. When businesses give away personalized gifts and compliments to their customers, they value them more and tend to exhibit them among their connections. This is one way you can get your customers market for your brand! But the print and material quality should not be compromised or else, it will have just the opposite effect.


3D Printing

While latest technologies always influence the marketers to make the most of the newness of the medium, 3D printing, though almost 30 years old, holds a special place since it opens up a lot more opportunities which are otherwise very difficult to accomplish. The food industry and toy industries make the most of 3D printing technologies and the marketing or printing firm too can embrace the same for their clients. Being new to the market, 3D printers are quite expensive and not affordable for the small and medium organizations. They can now approach their print service providers to deliver some out of the box creations with a 3D printer which can easily win over their clients.


4D Printing

Even while 3D printing is slowly catching up with the marketers, 4D printing is adding another level of intelligence to the printing industry. We are talking about intelligent prints that get more useful based on certain external inputs such as climate, light, contact etc. Clothes that automatically makes you cooler or warmer based on the climatic conditions or change colour based on the time of the day etc. are some examples in which 4D printing adds intelligence to its printing works. The printed output contains some memory which is the program which prompts it to bring forth the changes intended. Healthcare is greatly benefitted from this technology as many life-saving devices can now be printed instead of spending a large amount and time to create them manually.


While printing has taken a backseat because of the better feasibility of the digital media, it is definitely here to stay. Nothing can replace the feeling of actually feeling what you read and only the print media can bring it. That’s why books are still published even when e-books are easily available for cheaper rates. Just like old things come back as vintage and make an exclusive market again all over the world, printing will strike gold one day soon and will conquer the marketing minds again. It will become a premium marketing method which will stand out and attract the premium customers who love antiquities and definitely would not mind buying the bait. Developing technology will further open up better opportunities in the printing arena which will prove cost-efficient and method-efficient.

MANJU is a Content Writer at PaperMarker, a Printing Press company in Dubai, UAE. She is well-experienced in Web design and also a passionate about music, reading, 3D printing techniques and writing non-tech articles.

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