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PaperMarker Sep 8, 2017

3 Factors for choosing the right paper in printing Industry

Whether you want to publish your own book or try to impress your clients with personalized flyers and leaflets of your business, you should know the importance of choosing right paper for printing. The right type of paper will stay on top of people’s mind if they see something eye-catchy printed decently. One should focus and consider all the aspects of choosing the best available paper matching their requirements. Nowadays, one can get easily get confused with the numerous options available in the market while choosing the right kind of paper for printing. You need to check with the publisher, advertisers, and sometimes with your known sources before you finalize it. You may get confused with the technicality of the words used by the printers while choosing the right option which best suits your requirement. There are many factors that need to be considered while choosing the right paper for printing. Here we can discuss 3 major factors for simplicity:


The next thing to consider for paper printing is the glossiness. The glossier the paper, the smoother it is. It can be done by applying a layer of coating on paper. Coated paper is costlier than uncoated paper. If your book/brochure contains more colorful images and it can be best understood by the images used inside it, then you should go for glossy paper. It will display the perfect color contrast to the users. If you are using fewer images and if the images are not as important, then you can go with less glossy option i.e. the matte paper. It is same as glossy, but without coating, due to which images will be light in color. It is perfect for workbooks, activity books etc. If the images need not be colored, then you can go with uncoated paper. For brochures, it can be creasing or folding one, so the glossy paper will be a good option. For flyers and leaflets, you must choose coated paper, either glossy or matte. For meeting handouts, it can be uncoated paper.


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The purpose of printing will be the first factor to consider. For different purposes, different types of papers can be used. Invitations need thicker and fancy paper, flyers are best done on thick glossy paper, books can be printed on porous paper as so on and so forth. The target audience or the end user must be taken into consideration while selecting the paper. For a book, the end user may fall into different age groups and thus their preference will be definitely different from each other. Some people want the best quality paper so that the book will be their lifetime friend while some others go with the content of the book and hardly bother about the quality. Quality determines the price of paper and the audience wants to hold something worthy of their attention. For printing your invitation card or a meeting brochure, you need to choose a good quality paper which when printed looks very attractive. The porous paper may not look good when printed in multi-color. When it comes to visiting cards, you should choose a design that will best describe your company. Sometimes the color needs to be bright and vibrant to impress the potential customer. The quality of paper must be really good to leave a lasting impression on the client.


Price is definitely a major factor which needs to be considered while going for printing. If you want to give your users the best quality product and you have a fixed printing budget, then you have to minimize the number of copies to be printed. But, if you want a number of copies, then either you have to increase the budget or compromise on quality. At the end of the day, you will get rewarded for the quality based on user preference. So, the price may not be the main factor, but it is one of the contributing factors for choosing the right paper.


There are several other factors which also need to be considered a well which includes color, weight, opacity, strength of the paper.

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