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MANJU is a Content Writer at PaperMarker, a Printing Press company in Dubai, UAE. She is well-experienced in Web design and also a passionate about music, reading, 3D printing techniques and writing non-tech articles.

PaperMarker Sep 8, 2017

3 Factors for choosing the right paper in printing Industry

Whether you want to publish your own book or try to impress your clients with personalized flyers and leaflets of your business, you should know the importance of choosing right paper for printing. The right type of paper will stay on top of people’s mind if they see something eye-catchy printed ...

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PaperMarker Feb 24, 2017

7 Common Misconceptions about Entrepreneurs

With the popularization of start-ups, Entrepreneurship is something most of the youngsters look forward to eagerly. But then, there are some misconceptions regarding entrepreneurs that are holding many people back from getting into this enterprising field. Then there are some such misconceptions ...

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PaperMarker Jan 24, 2017

Effectual Uses of Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes!! We all know that sticky notes are around for many years, and despite the rise in digital communications, they are still a valuable part of most offices and study areas. You’re using sticky notes to keep yourself arranged in the company; you’re off to a good start. If you want to...

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PaperMarker Jan 5, 2017

Wedding Planning: A Guide On Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding Card is the main aspects of a wedding. A wedding card is a letter, who we asking to attend a wedding. It is written in formal form. Once you are engaged and the dates are organized for the various ceremonies, the next step is to decide upon the wedding cards. Through a smart wedding card,...

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PaperMarker Dec 2, 2016

U.A.E 45 Years Celebration

We jump right into the spirit of National Day almost anywhere in the UAE, to celebrate the country’s 45th birthday. The celebration starts on 2 December each year in the United Arab Emirates. Emirates doesn’t celebrate independences day, by the withdraw of the British from the area in 1968. UA...

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