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PaperMarker Jan 24, 2017

Effectual Uses of Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes!! We all know that sticky notes are around for many years, and despite the rise in digital communications, they are still a valuable part of most offices and study areas. You’re using sticky notes to keep yourself arranged in the company; you’re off to a good start.

If you want to find important notes rapidly, for example; leaving a note on the fridge to say need milk, pick up dry clean and to marking the mess of cables behind the TV or PC. No need to panic through them just to find your place and it seem the importance of sticky notes.

You have to write down the tasks on a bright colors and shapes that helps you to reminder tasks far better than writing on a white paper. But now a day, there is a way to digitalize our notes, as we work on PCs all the time.

Main roles:

  • Plan your work
  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Organize your projects
  • Visualize your calendar and to-do

Make colorful notes


Sticky notes come in varied bright colors. Choices available are; Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, White or Yellow. You can choose your own favorite color. You can also use a group of your favored colors for color coding tasks by importance. This helps to identify the task easier no need read. Color is an important part for sticky notes. If it is too cluttered and you won’t be able to notice that what you’re looking for? You have to mark the notes by the level of importance. Thus, choose eye catching colors for the urgent tasks.

Stick the Book

When sticking in a book, number your sticky notes and write more thoroughly notes in a journal, numbering suitably. This will remove unnecessary items in the book and make easier to find notes, and let you the space needed to elaborate. When stick the book, you have to switch up the positioning of the sticky notes. Detecting the notes is near impossible; they’re all stacked up on the top of each other. Save your room by using only keywords, usually only have 3×3 spaces to write on.

Leave Messages and Reminders


Stick the notes on the surface of your monitor. This way you aren’t covering up your desk and can easily see them. Use them as a reminder also. You can stick them to your alarm clock or on the door that you notice it right before leaving the home. Take some notes during a meeting, notice that only write one thing per sticky note. This will help to write down only the important parts of the meeting. You are studying, stick the note at the beginning of each section with a short summary. This will helps you scan the textbook later; you’ll understand exactly what’s in each section? And will be also able to find your answer easier.

Notes to Get Organized

Organize works within a group or company by sticking notes to an erase board or to the wall. You have to take notes in a planner and get frustrated when you can always peel them out and re-write them or replace with a new one. You can write it on sticky notes and stick it to your monitor. Make sure that only make notes for the things you constantly work on, else should be written in a notebook etc.

Take a look through them before leaving the company on each day and remove the tasks that you have been done or notes that no longer need. Write only one task per each note. This will helps to clear the notes and to read it easily.

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MANJU is a Content Writer at PaperMarker, a Printing Press company in Dubai, UAE. She is well-experienced in Web design and also a passionate about music, reading, 3D printing techniques and writing non-tech articles.

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