FAQ - PaperMarker



Why should I choose PaperMarker UAE?

Our style is unique. Just browse around and you will find numerous print products in our website. Our noted services include timely delivery, customized print solutions, mind pleasing business relations, trustworthy communications and of course, a goodwill that we received from our past customers and who are a part of our PaperMarker Family till today.

I am not able to move around your website smoothly. What do I do?

Firstly make sure that your cache and browsing history has been cleared. These will usually fix the issue. But if it persists, go ahead and try opening our website in various browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer and all these work equally well.

How quickly can you process our print demands?

We follow a 24 hour turnaround time. Your entire request, once discussed and finalized will be printed and submitted within 24 hours by our diligent team. In case, you have urgent requirements, we are most happy to do these express works within a matter of 5- 10 hours, depending on the volume and the type of work you have in mind!

Our order process is very simple and quick, so just check out our website; find out the common styles you like, or if you are looking for something still more different, then just give us a missed call, and our representative will be back in minutes to answer your needs.

Our only supposed delay would be in case there is some delay in delivery or any transit delays, if any. Otherwise, we have a competent team that can handle your requests with full commitment.


How can I get optimum use of your customer service?

For a fast service from our side, make sure, you give a missed call to our number: 501700253 or just email us at: info@papermarker.com Please remember we contact within 24 hours on all working days and allow us to estimate and correspond the details within 1- 3 working days for all your emails and other communications.
As a customer, can I know the procedure to get started with designs and discussions with your team?
We recommend that you take time to browse through our designs and templates for various purposes and sizes. Then it is best, that you also outline your needs like designs, colors, type of themes, budgets, targeted audience, and time frame for completion of project and so on. Once these are tow are prepared, just give us a missed call. Our representative will take it from there, and schedule an appointment whereby you can visit our office, sit along with our creative artists and technical staff and get the best out of them!

What files do you work upon?

Our team will work on JPG, TIF, EPS, PDF, make sure you send flattened files that are below 50 MBS on either side. Also, make sure that compressed files are sent to us to reduce the file size. Kindly take care not to send multi layered files as they cannot be obtained in the right manner in our system.

What is the procedure to customize my design?

If you do need to add your creative touch, we will happy to be of service to you. Just give us your options and we will direct as to how each design can be fulfilled in terms of dimension basis, and print designs. Check out our primary guidelines to get a grip of what we do and it will certainly help while trying to get your own template. Also, understand that the preview you get will be slightly smaller than the actual printed product, so accordingly adjust the design in the appropriate manner.

Can you explain the file specifications?

At Papermarker, UAE, our team in undertaking printing up to the edges of the final product and also have tight cut margins for the same. Our work makes optimum use of the design and we focus on various factors like full bleed, trim marks, and safe zone margins.

Can you explain your mailing services?

Papermarker UAE is a one stop solution centre for all Mail requirements. We ensure that the complete procedure of printing postcards and even addresses on envelopes will be done in a systematic manner as you need. Then the work is only for the postal office to ensure that these envelopes reach the right addresses.